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Our People Policy

HOI's team of professionals is dedicated to service excellence, achieved through strong teamwork and continuous improvement. Our application consultants and developers, with years of expertise and experience in handling IT services, continuously improve our products to provide our clients with the best solutions and services.


We promote self-empowerment energized by a belief in our capability as a team comprised of successful members. This is evident in our philosophy that reflects the values of our democracy and is pillared by the concepts of fulfillment and transformation.

Dedication, Innovation and Diversity

HOI understands that quality service is what customers care most about. This is what makes our people so important. Our success depends not only on the quality of our people and the solutions they create, but also the quality of how we conduct business - interacting with customers, partners, the community and each other- with a total commitment to excellence.

All people in HOI are problem solvers, who care deeply about their clients, and who want things to happen. They are people capable of helping clients productively work through the issues and choices that are at in every data capture process.

We select people who share our aspiration to create a new kind of software firm, one where intellectual content combines with a diverse array of human and technical assets to help our client organizations to optimize their paper data capture process. We are a firm that offers rich learning experiences and that rewards and promotes people based on the value they create, not on arbitrary measures such as seniority.

We need the best people in our organization to help us achieve our corporate ideals, and we will not limit our options because of sex, race, national origin, age, religion, disability, or veteran status. We celebrate diversity. Our employees collaborate and communicate across cultures to meet the needs of and provide quality service to our diversified customer base. The leadership team at HOI is proud of our employees whose passion and creativity drive innovation.

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