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Several key technologies are used in order to arrive and provide a comprehensive solution that provides maximum value to the customer. Our solutions are geared to provide more value at a less cost using the latest technologies and services. We can work on a project basis or we can set up an "Offshore Development Team" which will work exclusively for your company to be set up here at HOI's premises.


Share your documents across work groups/ enterprise/ clients with an amazing speed and security.You've probably realized the amount of storage required for paper documents grows as rapidly as your organization does. As the number of file cabinets increases, so does the chance that documents may become lost or misfiled.

Document Imaging Software converts paper documents to a searchable, digital format suitable for storage on a computer server. This eliminates the problems associated with paper, such as loss and damage.zigdocs lets you scan and manage these paper documents using a standard Web browser. The road to a document imaging system begins with a live demonstration or trial download, so begin your journey today!

HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

A Web-based Human Resource Information System platform is a valuable option for organizations that looks for a centralized, integrated and cost effective solution. Through a centralized platform, employees at each level can easily access vital information, deleting an expensive and environmentally unfriendly paper trail.

From a managerial standpoint, a Web-based Human Resource Information System provides online access to and secure storage of employee data. Individual employee information such as pay slips, attendance tracking, payroll information, tax & statutory information, company manual, benefit enrollment information and documents repository etc., are also stored online for quick and efficient retrieval.

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