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High on Information & Technology Pvt. Ltd aim to become India's Premier Technology Service Provider Company for Enterprises, ordinary Persons, communities, NGO, Small business untouched by IT revolution and deterred by High cost of adoption of technology in the first stage of our business plans. Moving on, we aim to replicate this success story around the world which is not possible without the peoples who are not employees but leads as leaders & behaves like owners.

Our vision & aim requires persons with self confidence & freedom. No Case, Location or age is a bar for us. We intend to offer rapid growth and challenging roles in our setup more of ownership & leadership then 9'-5' job. A person loyalty, integrity & ability to think beyond normal can make him even partner with us in our future roadmap. If you wish to join us for monthly hefty paychecks, we believe we are wrong match but person thinking of his career for long-term & working for his own freedom from monthly pay cheques are welcome. We Will Wait to Work With You…(WWWWW…..)

If you are interested in working in a above setup, please send us your resume to: owners@highoninfo.com Alternately, you can send us your resume to: leadership@highoninfo.com

If you are a student currently pursuing your graduation course or about to finish your Post Graduation Course, or qualified person having vision to work independtly for yourself with freedom but not able to do so for any reason and wish to work as freelancer for us & our products & services post your completion of education, you are welcome too in our Franchise Partnership Scheme (FPS). To know more about it, please refer here.

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